Vol. 9 – Winning Chess the Easy Way: Essential Basic Endgames – Part 2


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It is Essential to know how to play and win your Endgames. In fact, the Endgames are more essential to learn than Openings. In Lesson 1 of this DVD, Susan will cover all the essential Rook Endgames, including: Rook vs. one Pawn, Rook vs. two connected Pawns, Rook vs. Bishop, Rook vs. Knight, the Philidor and Lucena positions, Multi-pawn Endgames, Rook and Bishop vs. Rook, Rook vs one Pawn and two Pawns, Rook vs. Bishop, and Rook and Pawn vs. Rook. In Lessons 2-5, Susan covers Bishop Endgames, Knight Endgames, Bishop vs. Knight Endgames, Queen Endgames, and lots more!

Being Part 2 of this dvd series topic, Susan will cover all the Essential Rook endgames.


1.Rook versus 1 pawn

2.Rook versus 2 connected pawns

3.Rook versus Bishop and Knight

4. The Philidor and Lucena position

5. Multi-pawn Endgames

6. Rook and bishop versus a Rook

7.Rook versus 1 pawn, 2 pawns, 1Bishop

8.Rook and pawn versus 1 Rook

Susan also covers :

Bishop Endgames, Knight Endgames,

Bishop vs. Knight endgames,

Queen endgames and lots more!!!

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